20 May 2016

Safely carry and protect your laptop with this neoprene sleeve cover. The soft lushly neoprene padding used to create this sleeve cushions and protects your laptop from bumps, dents, scratches, and every day wear and tear. The front zippered pocket slot allows you to carry accessories such as your laptop charger, memory cards and USB data cables along-side your laptop for convenience on the go. Its dual zipper opening design provides you with quick and easy access to your laptop and accessories. When it comes to your daily travel and protection needs this Neoprene Sleeve is the perfect solution. Includes a soft canvas felt lined mouse pad, dimensions 12 x 10.5 inches. Includes Keyboard Skin Cover protects your keyboard from dust and dirt entering between the keys. No more bread-crumbs, hair or dirt getting under the keyboard! Made from high-grade silicone, Keyboard Skin Cover is precision molded to fit over and protect each and every key without compromising normal typing feel. The top side of the Skin Cover is smooth which allows effortless typing. The bottom side grips to the keyboard (without adhesive) so cover stays securely in place. It is washable (with water and mild soap) and reusable.

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